Reindeer Profiles

In the wild, male reindeer shed their antlers in the winter. Santa's reindeer are different. The male reindeer keep their antlers and take great pride in their maintenance - some more than others.
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Who is your favorite reindeer?


Who is your favorite reindeer?

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+ Dasher

Paired with: Dancer
Favorite food: Cookies. Once in a while Santa will share a cookie a child has left for him with Dasher.
Favorite elf: Kermit, trainer

Dasher earned his name because of his love for speed. He loves racing with Comet and is often seen with Kermit the elf training in the fields. Santa sometimes has to make him slow down when they are delivering presents because the reindeer can get a little carried away with his speed.

+ Dancer

Name: Dancer
Paired with: Dasher
Favorite food: Hay, it's not just for horses
Favorite elf: Heidi, wrapping

Dancer does not really dance, though he does love music. If he cannot sleep, Heidi will come out to the barn and play the flute for him to lull him to sleep. He doesn't care for training much but will jump in and show off if a female reindeer is watching.

+ Prancer

Name: Prancer
Paired with: Vixen
Favorite food: Carrots
Favorite elf: Silk, ferret-elf

Prancer is a bit of a fop and takes great pride in his antlers, which are larger than all the other reindeer. Silk helps Prancer keep his antlers clean by climbing up and licking off dirt. In return, Prancer helps Silk break into Mrs. Claus's homemade peanut butter.

+ Vixen

Name: Vixen
Paired with: Prancer
Favorite food: Apples, a rare treat in the frozen North Pole.
Favorite elf: Liz, Chief Keeper of the List

Vixen is the only female reindeer in Santa's team and therefore gets special treatment from Liz who always manages to supply an apple every month. She is very vain and must have her fur groomed at least twice a day. She has sometimes been seen staring at her reflection in the watering trough. Behind the vanity is a soft spot for children. Vixen spends many days giving the children elves reindeer rides in the corral.

+ Comet

Name: Comet
Paired with: Cupid
Favorite food: Celery
Favorite elf: Kermit, trainer

Like Dasher, Comet has a need for speed. Comet will race anyone who happens by. Since he is always on the move, he has a high metabolism and eats almost as much as Blitzen.

+ Cupid

Name: Cupid
Paired with: Comet
Favorite food: Wood (he likes to chew) and veggie minced pie
Favorite elf: Mrs. Claus

Cupid is the nervous type which is why he likes to chew on wood. It has a soothing effect, like a pacifier. He trains hard out of mild paranoia that he won't be good enough for Santa's team. He relaxes after Christmas when Santa tells him what a good job he did and Mrs. Claus makes him a veggie minced pie.

+ Donner

Name: Donner
Paired with: Blitzen
Favorite food: Hay
Favorite elf: Doc, Santa's dog

Donner is pretty laid back. He doesn't care for training, but he has no desire to just laze about all day. His favorite game is playing hide and seek with Doc, Santa's pet dog.

+ Blitzen

Name: Blitzen
Paired with: Donner
Favorite food: Everything
Favorite elf: Susan, kitchen

Blitzen's favorite hobby is food. He loves to eat and doesn't like to do much else, but Santa is sure that if he actually did train Blitzen would be faster than both Dasher and Comet. As it were, he gets put on a diet every year after the reindeer races, though Susan often slips him a special treat once in a while to keep his spirits up.

+ Rudolph

Name: Rudolph
Paired with: No one; Team leader
Favorite food: Potatoes, no one is sure why
Favorite elf: Hermey

Rudolf's story is a very well publicized one. While he has fulfilled his dream of being on Santa's team in cases of bad weather, he is still young and in school. Once a recluse, he has become more popular, though some of the jealous reindeer still pick on him. He has better self confidence now, however, and the snide remarks do not hurt him like they once did.